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About Eduardo's Mexican Restaurant in DeKalb, IL

Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant in DeKalb, IL knows a thing or two about Mexican cuisine. Family owned and operated since 1982, Eduardo’s is actually the second Mexican restaurant owned by the Balli family in Dekalb, IL. Rositas Mexican Restaurant opened its doors in 1972. Ten years later, we wanted to offer DeKalb a more formal approach to Mexican cuisine. Eduardo’s lies in the center of downtown DeKalb and is accessible by bus from NIU. We are proud to be a member of Renew DeKalb and believe that rebuilding the downtown area will create a viable atmosphere for area residents and NIU students as well. Our family was raised here in DeKalb, and we look forward to serving its patrons for years to come.
Eduardo's Dekalb Restaurant Staff / Team
Eduardo's Dekalb, IL Best Restaurant Award